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Jamal Sirhi – Founder and Managing Director


October 2001 was when it all began

Raised in the U. A. E. , Jamal Sirhi began his career as a DJ. Seeing the need for a store that would directly cater to DJ’s and not the install and rental industry, he established Desert Beat Trading in Muteena, Deira. To further reach out to a wider group of people, Desert Beat launched its first retail arm in 2007 – DJ Corner.

In 2013, shortly after the birth of his son, Jamal Sirhi found another gap in the market. This time, he realized the need for a store that would cater to a younger albeit an important market. Toy Corner was born out of the absence of a store that supplies not only fun toys but toys that are educational and stimulate young ones’ brains.


Yehya Karaan

General Manager & Department Manager – Audio

Ashton Menezes

Finance & Human Resources Manager

Wasim Abbas

Operations Manager

Keith Bowen

Commercial & Business Development Manager

Angelo Maurice

Brand Manager

Jeev George

Head of PR & Marketing

Haleema Shafique

Marketing Executive

Ash Daulagala

Marketing Executive

Dolly Phulwani

E-Commerce Specialist

Eddie Morena

Technical Specialist

Omar Ali Syed

Product Specialist

Riyaz Nagath

Public Relations Officer

Choy Panfilo

Service Center Manager

Priyan Roy


Sam Menikpura


Rameez Imtiaz

Warehouse Manager

Rayees Meethal

Inventory Manager

Jhona Besain


Syed Inayathullah


Abu Syed


Ali Hassan

Retail Sales Manager – DJ Corner

Rhea Recio

Retail Sales Manager – Toy Corner

Binil Babu

Market Place Catalog Controller

Daniyal Hassan

Business Development

Harshad Moidu

Branch Manager

Raoof Meethal

Sales Executive

Cherie Cristobal


Aileen Yamamoto

Sales Executive

Pranay Prabhash

Sales Executive

Tabitha Kiiru

Sales Executive

Feroze Hannan

Sales Executive

Jelaiza Hernandez

Sales Executive

Andrew Wei

Sales Executive

Julie Sampang

Sales Executive

Ronnel Padilla

Sales Executive

Sam Leonard

Sales Executive

Melanie Basbas

Sales Executive

Edward Muganga

Sales Executive

Sandy Leonardo

Sales Executive

Lyndo Delfin

Sales Executive

Musharaf Sheikh

Sales Executive

Malik James

Sales Executive

Vithal Yadav

Sales Executive

Ameer Abdeen

Sales Executive

Julius Sacurin

Sales Executive

Ronimo Padilla

Office Assistant

Ganesh Punmagar

Warehouse Assistant

Sajeem Kandiyil

Warehouse Assistant

Amir Sheikh

Warehouse Assistant

Pradip Thakur

Warehouse Assistant

Navas Illias


Abdur Rahiman


Rasheed P.


Haseeb Khader